"I tend to allow my stress to settle into my shoulder blades and neck. Edward 'magic hands' performs his magic and within an hour all of my stress vanishes."
- Timothy Regler, Executive Producer, "Judge Judy"
"After two car accidents and years of waiting tables, Edward was able to release deep tension in my shoulders and back. He has helped to raise my level of confidence and strength for my Yoga practice. He also does great energy work. I always feel a deeper release of muscle and emotional tension after a massage with Ed."
- Angela Grillo, Au Pair
"I'm a fitness expert in Los Angeles. Flexibility is as important in weight management as resistance training in my line of work. To me, working out is the most effective when you focus on lengthening the muscles. Ed’s knowledgeable expertise has helped me accomplish this and I highly recommend him to anyone who is determined to see faster results. Incorporate massage therapy into your fitness regimen today!"
- Moni Veluz, Fitness Trainer
"I have been going to see Ed once a week for over 2 years. I run anywhere from 30-45 miles a week so it's really important that my muscles stay loose. I've been to a lot of therapists, but Ed's knowledge and attentiveness are unparalleled. I can't tell you how much his massage helps my body recover and keeps me energized."
- Dustin Lancaster, Owner, Covell Bar
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